Friday, June 25, 2010

Yearbook Photos!

So I was one of the photographers for our yearbook staff this past year. It was sooooo fun and I learned so much! Here are all of my favorite photos from the yearbook photos. Some made it into the book, some didn't. Some people appear more than once, but I promise I didn't choose favorites! Only favorite photos......enjoy! (this is the 5th time I've made this post. I keep accidentally deleting it!)
This was my very very very favorite picture I took for yearbook all year! Girl's soccer was my first assignment of the year and my favorite of the whole year.
I love this one of these girls at La was so beautiful there and their pose was so cute.
love the action and her hang ten fingers.

here we go! I love the expression, the water droplets, and how it fills the entire frame. I loved taking the swimming pictures...I got soaked, but it was so much fun.
a thoughtful one
This one makes me laugh so hard! The discus almost hit me and I didn't even realize it until I looked at the picture later.
this one also makes me laugh...It's just funny
blaken's (on the right) running expression is so intense! It's pretty crazy.
two girls laughing and just hanging much better could you get?
love this's so intense!

oh I love this one! these girls came up with it all by themselves
then, of course, I had to throw in my version of a ballet slipper
I love emma's expression and her squash baby
I just love the feel and lighting of this Amy is so graceful
I promise that this is totally much better could it get?
this isn't super sharp, but I love the water sprays
I love how they are all flinching, it makes me laugh
this one makes me happy! she just looks like she is having so much fun!

SAM'S FIERCE FACE! I love her sneer so much
ooh I love these light bubbles so much
this was an accidental picture. I was trying to focus on the girl on the background, but I liked how it turned out.
because guy's shouldn't be that flexible. and I love having the mountains in the background
this one amazes me that I took a picture of a mirror with a flash and didn't get any weird flash reflection
oh I love the synchronization
this is so cute! this was after lindy ran the mile and all her friends were cheering her on
we were just goofing off and none of these jumping pictures turned out very well, but they make me smile
the face off
I love the cheering!
I love the focus from the ballet slipper back
this picture really doesn't need explanation
love the lighting, her smile, the candle

love the feel
the spotlight! this turned out so cool
this one makes me sad, because the girl was winning the race and fell at the last minute, but I'm glad her parents were there for her
intense intense intense intense
love the expression
this makes me laugh! brad is so serious, but then nate is practicing his GQ pose behind him
I don't really know. It's just cool. It almost looks like he's worshipping the water I really wanted to use one of these on the yearbook page, but we didn't think they would print that well. dang.
another thoughtful one
I've never seen anyone look so excited to run
because I love nicole
heading it
love love love the lighting from the spotlight
if it weren't for the half shadow across her face, this would probably be my favorite of all time picture
the discus is in the picture! this is a pretty dramatic heart wrenching photo, right?
but no worries, she's really just laughing
because I love autumn!
love the pose
aren't little girls the cutest?
oh this is of brenna winning the race...she just looks so happy
so graceful
I love brittney sticking her tongue out and I love the color
this team picture was so fun to take. those girls are awesome. this is of them fixing their hair before the real picture
I love this one of them goofing off, it makes me smile!


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  1. I love your pictures Kori! You are super talented!! :)