Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss A

After a fright with a flock of killer pigeons, slivers that are STILL in my hand, and some sprinting to make it back to the car in time, this is the result!  This girly is my AMAZING friend, Miss A!  She is so beautiful and UNBELIEVABLY photogenic. Not only that, but she is an incredible photographer.  You can go to her blog at cocoacookieclicks.blogspot.com .  It was fun to have her at the other end of the camera. This was the most amazing location and was so much fun to shoot there.  

I love this one of her laughing.

Oh, Miss A.  You are such a rebel.

She has the most incredible eyelashes ever.

I don't know why this turned out so small. Just double click to view larger.

I think these two are my favorite.

We found LOTS of old rusty things.

She just laughed at me when I told her to do this.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Coming Up!

My poor friend has been waiting for her pictures for FOREVER!  I have just been soooooo busy and haven't been able to find editing time.  But I had enough time to a few pictures so that this amazing girl can maintain her sanity.  I hope you like them, Miss A!  I promise to get the rest to you soon!

I normally only do 5 or 6 photos with the black and white, but I liked the black and white on all of these three.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss K

I love this girl!  We are good friends and we recently discovered that we are 3rd cousins twice removed! I love being related to her.  She is so beautiful and was so fun to work with! Not to mention so EASY to work with!!!  I would tell her to sit down and she would sit in a perfect pose.  I wouldn't even have to tell her to move or anything, I just snapped the picture.  This shoot was also the debut of my new camera!

Love is in the air.

Playing with texture.

This one is probably my favorite.  Is she not the most gorgeous girl?

I love the feel of this one.

The flowers are actually just some texture.  It's really just a plain brown door, but I love texturized.

Her parents are going to have to watch out for that one.

This is my other favorite one. I love the blue and I love her smile.

We both loved how you can see the temple lights.

Along the way, we saw her cute dog and her adorable little brother, who I have decided to marry someday.
Thank you Miss K! You were awesome.